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System Overview

Fleetfueler System:
Capacities & Dimensions

Mini* Fleetfueler System
Capacities & Dimensions

Fireguard UL2085 Fire Protected Tank

Flameshield UL142 Fire Resistant Tank

Fleetfueler Features & Benefits

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• Pre-engineered, Turn-Key Aboveground Tank Systems: A less costly and environmentally friendly alternative to underground storage tank systems. Eliminates need for expensive soil samples and soil contamination associated with USTs while providing high resalevalue should future tank relocation be required. Easier to visually inspect and respond to leaks and/or problems. No UST Superfund costs to pay to the federal government!

• Factory Installed Components: Systems arrive fully piped, wired, ready to use! Minimizes expensive install costs and time associated with both UST and field installed type systems.

• Spill Containment Platform: Keeps minor spills contained at dispenser area by providing slip resistant grated surface with catch basin located beneath. Equipped with frost-proof drain plug for removal of any spill and/or water from catch basin.

• Fire Rated and Protected System Designs available.

• Double Wall Construction: Eliminates the threat of leaks into the environment.

• Sizes from 250 – 50,000 Gallons.

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